Ripping The Packaging Off Of A Brand New Year

Its 2017, amazingly we all, myself included, made it to yet another year. Last year I didn't make any resolutions unlike the year before when I wanted to have a biggest loser style body transformation and that didn't happen, and it bothered me. So do I plan anything for this year? Yes. I mentioned all the sweets from xmas we had leftover this past week and how I was trying to avoid eating them but at times did, so I bumped up to the 4 mile indoor walk to compensate for the holiday for consumption otherwise there would almost surely be gain.

I also mentioned that this year I was considering switching to monthly weigh-ins and I've decided to go through with that. Last weigh-in I was 352.4, and currently I weigh 351.6. I lost less than a lb. There are a number of ways to look at this, initially seeing that I was starting the year in the 350s put me in a very poor mindset. Then I decided what if I factor in the holiday variables those high fat, high calorie sweets,  that ham, that Mac n cheese, the snacking I did from time to time plus the slight, slight chance of muscle gain. I was still able to lose the week of and after Christmas so that is significant.

As for my aspirations this year I think I'll cut down my goals just a bit and go shorter term. Clearly the 300s is my toughest battle yet. So here is a list of things I plan to achieve in 2017

Reach the 200s (299)
Get back into the gym somehow
Continue inspire and motivate other to not give up on their journeys
Read more,  seriously (did I mention I started reading Millie's Fling?
Get to the 250s
 Consider new wardrobe
Get license
(Add more as they come)

Here is how everything looked exercise wise last month, I said I wanted it to be my most active month.  Red checks are 3 mile workouts, orange are 4


  1. I read your blog everyday when u have been posting . Your weight loss is incredible keep up. You are a inspirating too me not just with weight loss but with every day life. So thank you so much

    1. Thank you so much for tuning in, everything you said was wonderful it means a lot!


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