Lately I've been more pictures than I used to, and actually going specific places just to shoot. Unfortunately I've been finding that my photographers eye and actions don't sync up. This means That I've been pretty unimpressed with my shots lately, they all come across boring, non-compelling, and well... mediocre, and its really unsettling. I still feel very passionate about photography but I don't seem to have the eye for it I used to. Its rather discouraging, but this was the one thing I thought I was actually semi-good with and now the reality seems to be the opposite.

I recently went on a 3 hour road trip to a state park with a friend and I was really excited about it, but once I got there I just found that I couldn't see anything worthwhile, but my buddy was shooting all over the place, I've noticed his eye for a good photo is better than mine and he is just starting out. Its kind of funny isn't it? I could see the opportunity in a photo far better at my heaviest weight, but there was a 98% chance I wouldn't take it because it would put me out my comfort zone and expose me to the eyes of whomever. Now I'm lighter, taking more risks, but it seems as if I've become dull in my efforts.

Here is a look at the non-compelling work I've done lately.

Hocking Hills State Park


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