Quite often I come across a sight or sound, or even a smell that reminds me of the past. Sometimes I remember them fondly, other times not so much. Today I was in the car as we pasted a neighborhood that sits adjacent to a highway, I lived in that same neighborhood once as a child but not nearly that close to the highways overpass. When I looked at the street from above I suddenly remembered being a kid and riding down that road on bikes with a friend to dark tunnels that we weren't supposed to go in. I often adventured far off and to places I likely wasn't allowed, but my friend was less inclined. I remember convincing her to go with me in the tunnel one day, because I didn't want to go down it by myself. It was full of broken glass bottles and various debris. It was pretty scary to a then 8 or 9 year old.

We rode our bikes down that glass covered tunnel, which was positioned to the far right of two other tunnels but the one in the middle cars sometimes passed through (they always made me think of the X-Files or some secret FBI organization), and the far left one well, it just wasn't interesting. It was quite the adrenaline rush riding down that tunnel, I sometimes feared someone would pop out of nowhere and kidnap us which was even more reason to rush to the other side and reach light (I was a pretty macabre kid at times lol). There was no one ever in that tunnel, but it always kept an eerie presence about it that made you think there was someone lurking in there.

It was a fun time while it lasted, I think we went in that tunnel a total less than 10 times. Remembering this time met me with conflicting emotions, it was a fond memory, but also sort of somber. I can remember good times, but I also tend to remember the feeling of being lost back then. I had only a few friends in that neighborhood, I often went riding my bike all over the places just looking for something todo, I never really fit in. Sometimes I'd see a group of kids doing something and would avoid them knowing I wouldn't mesh, other times I'd give it a go, but it always ended up being an empty affair. Nothing came of it. I remember some weekends just riding my bike up and down a long road seeing how fast I could go, these were some of the last years I could ride a bit comfortably.


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