Pizza & Movie Night

"I'm not really sure how this weekend will effect my weigh in..."

Yesterday was a pretty stellar day. Me and my mom decided to have a movie marathon weekend together. We watched a range of different movies, four total. My made her famous homemade pizza, this time, not the healthy turkey meat infused iteration I convinced her to make last time, this time, red meat, actual sausage! I didn't really have breakfast, I snacked on some chips and salsa early though to hold me over until pizza, I was putting all my eggs in that basket, and it did not disappoint.

I completely expected to go over my default calorie goal with as much pizza as I had, but after calculations I was just below. Mom cuts her pizza in to small squares, I had 7 pieces total throughout the night. I later snacked on some Doritos, haven't had them in a while, they are my favorite chip, but they didn't quite live up. The best news of all, left overs! Moms pizza always taste better a day or two later, which is saying a lot because it already tastes delicious to start with! I'm not really sure how this weekend will effect my weigh in, I took in a ton of sodium, and it will on repeat for Sunday. I'll just have to wait and see. Absolutely no ragrets, not even an E (lol). I still hope to lose though, but won't be surprised for another week of unsavory results.

Calories 3,224

Sodium 9,102 (and I'm not sorry, at least not for now...)


  1. It's nice that you and your mom could enjoy watching some movies together. You must be close!


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