A Fairly Confusing Weigh-In

I tracked my calories all last week as I usual do, and I'm just a little confused. I mentioned before that last week I gained my appetite back and ate unapologetically. I expected if nothing else to at best maintain, at worst gain. Last week I weighed in at 477.0 pounds. This week I am 473.6. I lost 3.4 pounds, I'm completely taken aback. I'm starting to wonder if my core eating habits are changing and I'm not recognizing it. The scale continues to move in the right direction.

Saturday was my moms birthday, I don't know why I'm just now mentioning this. I guess it's because I just don't like to acknowledge the fact that she gets older, it gets me very emotional. I just like to pretend she's ageless. She just turned 56, and as far as I'm concerned she will be around for another 156 years. She had a very quiet birthday. Do we all have points when we are younger where we think our mothers are super heroes? There was literally a time I thought my mom was indestructible and knew every-single-thing-ever. I remember the first time I realized she was human, when I seen her truly worry, when I seen her cry, it was a humbling moment. It made her a lot more lovably, but it took away from a very comforting illusion, and made life a lot scarier.

She has a really big double layer cake for her birthday. I held off on having a slice until this morning. It's very good. Sometimes it's hard to believe the adjustments I have made. Half of her cake would have been gone consumed by me alone by now, a year ago, and I absolutely love sugar, or at least I used to.

Daily drawing. It's Brandon, Who Lives At Home.


  1. Brandon, way to go on another awesome weigh in. Happy belated birthday to you mom. Cherish her because when we no longer have them life really changes. I miss my mom so much and would love to have another day with her. You are a talented artist. Have a wonderful day.

  2. You know, I say take the win! :) And yes, moms being human is a scary thing and it's hard to reconcile sometimes. As a mom, it's scary from this side too.

    Hey, BTW, I WILL still be around on my art blog, even though my other one is going away. So, not all the way gone. :)


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