Life's A Filet Of Fish

It's a new weeks eve, and I'm not quite sure what it has in store for me just I yet. My agenda is unsure. Tomorrows weigh in will be interesting. It's been an interesting week of eating no regrets, however. I think I'm going to start doing a sketch a day, just for my own sake it calms me, and I like doing it, and I'm going to switch the sketch-n-walk to by-daily. Either way there should be a drawing up ever day from this point forward. At least for this month. I think I'm going to start up my reading again as well, I was so disappointed in that book mishap that I just went cold to reading all together. So I'm going to start reading a book, as well as start reading my Simpsons comics again. I suppose that is a bit of an agenda. I'm a week behind in my online course so I need to play catchup there too.

I'm almost ready to just give in and just cut my hair off, and maybe by the time I've gotten my weight off to a certain degree, it will have regrown, and then I can try something new and cool, and something I can pull off. I'm totally irritated with myself about this whole situation.

I've had a song stuck in my head all morning. Life's A Happy Song from the 2011 Muppets movie, I remember watching it with a couple of my nephews. I was charmed by it, and by that song in particular. I'm not sure why this song has made a sudden re-occurrence in my memory as if I had just listened to it, lyric for lyric.


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