Thyroid Cancer

Then came the curve ball. No I do not have thyroid cancer, remember my camping trip, the one I went on with my friend Nick and Melissa. Well during that trip I mention that earlier morning she got sick and they rushed off to the hospital, they thought it was her tonsils. Turns out she has thyroid cancer. I was pretty blow away by the news, she is a dear friend and although thyroid cancer is quite curable it is nevertheless cancer, as things like radiation and chemotherapy could be in her future. She is scheduled for surgery as soon as Monday. It hasn't fully set in, and the fear of it has not fully hit me, which  is probably good, maybe I can sort through my feelings, sort through the situation, sort through the condition and facts now, before the anxiety and mounds of emotion come into play, maybe it will lessen whatever effect it will all have on me.

This news comes a day after another friend informed me he had just found out his uncle died, but he been dead two weeks and only just found out and that he and his sister were the only next of ken and he had the hard task of sorting through paper work at his out of town house to verify that his uncles property was his property, his uncle was also a hoarder so that's no easy task.

Seems as though the stars aligned to deliver the worst kinds of news possible to me, as of right now I think I handled both relatively well. Though the Melissa news will most certainly have an after-shock effect.

Everything is going to be okay

Everything is going to be okay

Everything is going to be okay



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