I'm Just Like The Weather Can't Hold Myself Together

Yesterday was rough, today is rough. There isn't going to be any exercising this week, it didn't happen yesterday and I skipped  yesterday's dinner and now today I feel drained and weak and I don't feel like doing anything , so no, there is no chance of any real pshyical activity happening. Therapy  was harder than expected, though everything was brought up that I wanted to bring up. It took me pretty much that whole session to finally do it, I walked out feeling good about it, but later just all my emotions hit me and I was overwhelmed. There went the rest of the day.

Today I try to get myself together.


  1. Hey, Brandon--way to go getting to therapy and talking about what you needed to talk about. I also find that when there's something "big" on my mind that I want to talk about, the rest of the week kind of goes sideways-- I think the "cocoon" (nice way of putting it, by the way) is one way your mind is trying to protect you from discussing something that stirs you up. In any case, maybe it will help you to know that you're not alone, because it happens to me, too. And, for what it's worth, sometimes when I feel like that, not long after I make a small leap forward (at least feeling relieved that I've said my piece, or understanding why something affects me the way I do). I'm sorry for rambling, but I really admire you: you've been at this lifestyle change for awhile now. Even though it's not ever easy (and there may be small detours along the way)-- you keep moving forward. Even if it's hard for you to see. Trust.

  2. That wasn't s ramble at all and I'm glad you shared! I deeply appreciate everything you said, and it really helped me to feel a bit better when I read this the other day.

    It means a lot to me that you said you admire me, it truly helps to reinforce that I am doing the right things overall, and just need to keep moving forward.


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