Weigh-in & An Interesting Week Begins

Last week saw me returning to my religious use of MyfitnessPal food tracking to keep an idea of my sodium levels and overall calories, typically I have pretty good idea about sodium (when I'm clearly going over, anyways), I pretty much know when I've gone overboard, but sometimes there are surprises. I was actually slightly above a few days last week, however the week before last I was like comically overboard. Also there is a pretty good chance that same week  I went over calories too a couple times, it's interesting just how easy something can seem harmless but, nope, what's done is done.

I only worked out 3/5 days last week but it's better than nothing, and I was feeling every bit of those three days. My eating was to back to normal, no fast food, no over-calorie days. So last week I weighed 371.6, and this week I weigh 368.6. I lost an even 3 pounds. I officially moved out of the 70s.

The agenda for this week is to actually workout all 5 days, and stick to my eating habits of the past week. I don't think I read but one time last week so... yeah, that's something I need to do more this week, think I'll set a daily alarm for reading. I haven't watched a single episode of Stranger Things since I watched that first episode so I think I should start watching more of that this week. I keep saying I'll watch a movie and never do, so I guess I won't even bother saying it this week.

Therapy resumes this Wednesday as normal. It will be a rather interesting session as I'll be discussing something I've never talked about, but ultimately could lead to the slow breaking of inner chains and shackles.


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