Keep Following The Heartlines On My Hand

Im making it back. I'm feeling better overall. I'm actually quite excited where therapy can go from this point forward, it's a new frontier really, but not just for therapy this will be the start of lifting restraints and breaking illusions in all aspects of my life and that is going to be freeing but hard. I will likely tackle the subject here (or attempt anyways)in the coming weeks.

Nick and Melissa have been concerned about me. I stayed at their place Tuesday and left early Wednesday because I had therapy, they wanted me to come back but I told them I had a real big session and it depended on how that went and that I'd let one of them know. Well obviously Wednesday had me glued to my bed skipping meals (but keeping hydrated). So they have been checking in on me every day, they have invited me to stay this weekend and I said I would.

I decided to do FaceToFace Friday post on Instagram and I didn't fight myself as much as usual, though there was still a little fight. The before picture is from October 2nd, 2010, and the after one is from the September 2nd, this year.


  1. There is a HUGE difference!! Way to go. You are a courageous man.

  2. Cheering! Yaaas! The best part is that you're really seeing it.

    1. Slowly but surely it's becoming easier, and that is a rather big victory indeed!


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