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So right away I gained weight this week, an even 2lbs to be exact. Last week was tangled in terms of overall eating, I stayed within calories but then there were days when I had unusual things like a flat-bread pizza that wasn't at all geared to the healthy side of things, I had Chinese food for the first time in over a year last Tuesday, and it's just been a mixed bag of questionable little additions that I know I should probably avoid but then didn't like Reese cups when I'm at my friends.

There was no exercising so that didn't help either, I'm actually in a very poor place with this gain, not that I've ever taken a gain particularly well regardless of the circumstance. I just see numbers going up and I immediately feel like I'm failing, and see the goal weight slipping further away, and of course my depression monster has been taking its multivitamins  and is ready to skewer every thought in my head! Worse is it's all my fault, I know I just need to be a stone wall about these things no stupid flat bread pizzas, no sesame chicken from Chinese restaurant even though it's been over a year possibly longer, no freaking Reese's Cups, ugh. I really have to stop these screw ups. My current weight is 367.4, last week I weighed 365.4.

This week I'm going to see my dad at the assisted living home, my anxiety is... here. I'm going to be doing my exercises this week, get back to my usual routine of eating healthy, absolutely no compromises. I'm really considering changing how I do my weigh-ins, they drastically effect the mood for my week, and this is likely going to be a harder week to deal in light of these results. My weigh-ins have an unnatural effect on my mental health, but I can't just not know what I weigh, so I have to figure something out. Maybe weight less regularly.


  1. Looks like you've had a lot of emotional stuff this week. Mistakes are good in the fact that you know what not to do. Sometimes I think "Oh, I can handle xyz now" and haha nope, I can't. Let's not try that again and do what works.

    I've also thought that if losing weight effects my mindset negatively, I'll stop doing what is harmful. If agonizing over the number on the scale is negatively effecting you, what other measures can you use to track a job well done on this quest to get healthy? Staying within calorie goals? Hitting exercise goals? It's your life - you've got to make the rules that work for you.

    Keep your chin up, you're doing a good job!

  2. You know I still haven't quite figured out where the trade off will be. I think perhaps a bi-weekly weigh-in would be less stressful. Just that one week of not thinking about weighing in may make all the difference.


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