Monday's weigh-in

What's going on? So I lost, really that's all I could ask for on the hills of Christmas. I'm now back down to 352.4. I believe one of the weeks where I actually didn't get to log it into myfitnesspal which was literally the only time this year (it was also one of the many weeks I was absent recently) I weighed this exact amount! Maybe not, what matters is how I'm sticking around these numbers.

Here is a quick illustration I drew of the situation below.

The loop, get it?

And Mr. Burns from The Simpsons adds hyperbole  

I feel like once I break out of this bracket I'll continue on a trend of steady loss, but getting out of it is  the issue!

So we have been in the 350s since October 17th

There is a ton leftover ham, Mac and cheese, and sweet potato pie. I've already indulged a bit too much in the sweets Monday and now have to use my patented self-control to further avoid anymore. Luckily with my brother down from Texas (and my other brother dropping by frequently) the pies should easily be taken out in a flash. I'll simply weigh the ham out rationally via my food scale. I've decided I'll reduce my breakfast and lunch intake slightly so that any hidden elements at dinner can be accounted for.

I had chicken yesterday for dinner, but the ham must be had. Plan is to still have my veggies and perhaps throw in that Mac n cheese. I've also decided to bump up to the 4 mile walk for the remainder of the week.


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