I haven't blogged in a couple days. One day 3 of my nephews had a sleepover at the house. Fred, Richie and Eden I didn't see these three often this year so that was a surprise they had a good time and I spent the night out of my room even sleeping on the couch and offering up my room to one of the rascal flats.

Since Tuesday I've been doing the 4 mile workout, that has been going well, eating has been mostly solid I did slip and have another piece of sweet potato pie, but now the pies are officially gone with my brothers and nephews in the equation they had no chance. Earlier in the week I posted a picture on Instagram that was very well received. So much so that someone  actually re-posted the picture recommending people follow me for inspiration.

I've been considering bringing back my Facebook recently, my plan was to maybe do it after New Years, after my birthday. However after that picture happened several supporters wanted to connect there. Someone particularly wanted me to reach out to their brother who is over weight and thinks he could use some advice and encouragement from the perspective of someone who had to start so high up. So  what do you all think?

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  1. I've been behind on reading and commenting, but I wanted to wish you a happy new year! And I see you mention a birthday - happy early birthday! keep up the great work you've accomplished!

    1. Thank you Melissa, Hope your year is off to a stellar start.


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