It's the day after one of the most anticipated days of the year and typically one of the most hell raising for me and I'm fine. My Christmas was fine, good if you will. This was a lot different than many before it. Families came, drove in from other states away, spirits were high, people were getting along, and then there was me. There were more people than ever at grandmothers this year, and honestly I have to pat myself on the back because I would not have been able to cope any other year or even just a few weeks prior, but I did, quite well.

I later went to another family gathering which my brother insisted I go, he didn't know I had already made up my mind that I was going. This one was a bit more intense just because right as I was walking up to the house I could hear all the animated greetings of people I didn't know from inside and it surged my anxiety as I could not even see them as I had not even entered the door yet. I kept my inner self composed however and once I made it in I maintained that composure. I only ate at my grandmothers and not much, there was food here too but I did not indulge.

All in all it was a pretty positive day, my nephew Kieryn decided he wanted to spend the night with us, and insisted on sleeping with me but 30mins into that I evacuated my own bed because he kept stretching  and pushing and contorting in all kinds of ways so I just slept on the couch... kids.

My Aunt Jackie and Cousin Rickie


Aunt Debbie and her as now decided by me legendary flask

My Grandmother

Cousin China

Nephew Kieryn, and his cousin Lana


Location Change + Various candids

My brother, and nephews mother

I dont know what was going on here and I was sitting right across from them, but this moment seems comical, all three


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