Taking It Easy

Its been a good week in terms of consumption and fitness. I've been eating really well, I'm back on point with water and exercising nightly everyday this past week at the gym. Physically I'm feel well, mentally I'm doing okay. I had some moments where I got down, entered a low mood state, but I was able to breakthrough. I visited my doctor last week who decided I  don't need one of the 2 blood pressure medications I've been on, so that has been stopped. Now I am down to just the one. I was taking 4 at one point.

Today I'm taking it easy, might watch a movie, do some laundry. This chaotic weather  should be getting less cold in the next couple weeks so it's time I dust off the shorts.


  1. Your progress is truly fantastic. I know you struggle to see it but I have to tell you, the rest of the world sees it. You look great! And the medicine drop - that is truly a testament to the work you have put in.

    1. Thanks Jimmie, it gets hard sometimes, but Im really trying to get to the point where I just believe what im hearing without questioning things as soon as I hit a mirror. Some people are really blown away with what Ive done and Im just not letting it sink in.

  2. Dust off the shorts??? Hope you have a belt or they will fall to the floor!

    haha but really - good weeks physically and mentally mean so much! and congrats on getting to drop yet another med!

    1. Yeah, I actually do have to use a belt for most of my shorts. Its also the first time I can recall wearing a built since I was a child.

      And thank you


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