The Biggest Loser Boot Camp

Yesterday and today I started doing the Biggest Loser Boot Camp Workout, for the first week you do this strength training cardio combo that's 25 minutes. Honestly it's been obliterating me, I use my 10lb dumbbells for most of the workout, there are squats and lunges and all kinds of things and that first day I wasn't sure I would get through it to be quite honest, but I did. Today I decided one day was enough of hearing Bob Harpers voice instruct and command, I needed music to give me that power I needed, and I preformed much better today than yesterday but still was a sizzling  hot mess, I don't see myself adding on the next part of the workout after the first week, I'll just stay at my own pace, and move on when I've mastered this first part.

This workout is really going to develop muscle so, the gears in my head already want me to stop this and go back to doing my full body cardio via Leslie Sansone because muscle weighs more than fat and I could get a questionable weigh-in in the future and because I simply won't rationalize the muscle gain, mental health equals less-than! However, more muscle means burning of more fat, which means potential good loss. I plan on making this boot camp thing the new at home regular thing.

Yesterday and today 💧💧💧


  1. Impressive!!! 10# weights are no joke! You know a workout is good when you're dripping sweat like that. Great job!

  2. Durn, boy. Sweat looks good on you.


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