The Weigh-in

Well I called it, it was an unsavory weigh-in. Yet  another week in the 450s. Last week I weighed 450, this week.... 450  I maintained... Well technically I gained. As the actually numbers went from 450.6  to 450.9.  So I gained .3 pounds.

I'm cutting out sweet snacks, I've been munching on a lot of high calorie sweet treats lately, they add up the other day I had chocolate pie that was 1 serving 500 calories, two months ago I would never have touched such a thing! I'm cutting them out. I also need to get back to eating veggies every single day, and eating more baked meats. I got to be careful about sodium, though I need to at have the calories it's the salt that seems to be my biggest issue. I seem to be prone to water retention and some of the things I've been eating have had triple the suggest sodium for an entire day. What's worse is the calories aren't as high. Im still addicted to chips, they are my Achilles heel. I said I was cutting them out weeks ago, well obviously I've relapsed.

Sadly I'm coming into this week feeling rather unmotivated, maybe I'll rebound before the day is over and have a boost of mojo to take the week by storm.


  1. Can you re-frame your thinking?? Maintaining (or even a wee bit of a gain-- well within normal fluctuations, by the way) is better than a gain. Keep on at it: you are doing this-- there is no perfect way except the way that works for you.

    On a more serious note-- how's your blood pressure doing? I know it feels impossible to reduce the salt in what you're eating, but you've done this before, and you can do it again. (Surprisingly, sometimes I use a squeeze of lemon on food instead of salt-- it gives me the same pucker as salt.) Those of us out here in teh interwebs are rooting for you!

  2. Google the DASH diet Brandon. It works well for both weight loss and lowering blood pressure.


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