I'm still in my uncertain zone,  therapy yesterday went okay, but it took everything inside of me to just go. I wanted it skip it. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist Monday, speaking of appointments, yeah I never made that appointment with my primary doctor. I've really been dragging my feet about it, then again that's been the case for weeks now.

The week is nearly over,  which means a weigh-in isn't too far away, honestly we are in for another disappointing week. I've been trying to get out of this mental  state I'm in, find some motivation, but it really feels like I'm battle a war against myself.

As of right now no plans for the weekend, my room is a mess, I'm not sure how it got to this state so fast, clearly I'm just overall in decline, it wasn't that long ago that I de-cluttered it, now it's a full blown mess. Still a chance for that second wind, I hope.

Things will surely get better.....


  1. Maybe it would help to tidy up a little each day? It would be less overwhelming than having to do a lot of cleaning in one day.


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