Yesterday was a nice day, my two young nephews Kieryn and Jaedyn spent the day here, and though they wore me out, I really enjoyed them being over in spite of feeling physically terrible.  I had not gotten much sleep the night before and mom wanted me to run to the grocery store with her early in the morning, she normally doesn't ask, because I normally wouldn't go, however I agreed. I felt completely gross in the store, I had a odd feeling in my stomach, not anxiety, I felt sick. I ended up going back to the car about 25 minutes in. I was having a hard time keep my balance. I got better throughout the day but it wasn't the best feeling throughout. I didn't eat much. I had some crackers for breakfast, mom insisted I eat, I had teriyaki noodles for lunch and some frozen pizza for dinner.

[Sunday]Today (well, now officially yesterday since it's midnight!) I was feeling a bit better, there is still something unusual going on with my stomach, and I'm making an appointment tomorrow (one that I will follow through with going to!) to see if something is going on with my blood pressure. The lightheaded episodes keep happening and I often crash into a couch from dizziness when I get up. Not to mention there has been some unusual chest pains this weekend.  After I post this its straight to bed.

Weigh-in tomorrow and I already foreseen the less than stellar results, but I guess we won't know until the scale makes it officially! That's it for now.



  1. Hope you'll be feeling better soon. Maybe ask to have your ears checked as well as your bp. Inner ear stuff can throw off your equilibrium (balance).

    I hate feeling dizzy.


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