Friends Battle With Cancer

If you remember from last year my friend Melissa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to under go a rather serious procedure to  have her thyroid removed and hopefully remove the cancer entirely, in addition to have a future radiation treatment. Well she had the surgery and it went well, she still has to do the radiation treatment. However Melissa had a history of anxiety and since being diagnosed with cancer it only intensitfied, she became quite paranoid that everything going on with her body might mean she is dying was new illness or cancer. It mostly turned to be nothing. She did have some complications post-procedure though,  a blood clot being the most serious.

Recently unfortunately she got diagnosed with another form of cancer, lymphoma which effects the the blood. It was ust was discovered this year, her doctors are hopeful that they can take care off it along with any remaining cancer from her thyroid with radiation which she still has to get  treatment for and is coming up in the next few weeks.

A lot of heavy issues have presented themselves this year already. Trying not to be overwhelmed, and I think for the most part I've handled everything up that's  come my why so far pretty well


  1. That is really horrible, I hope things get better for Melissa.


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