Super Bowl, Some Other Stuff, and Weight

It's the day now a couple days after the Super Bowl, my friend had his annual party, and I again attended. This year there was a lot more food and pop on the menu (I stuck to water), I had some cheese dip, some chili dip, some quesadillas, and some boneless bbq chicken things. When I got full I was done for the night. I ate breakfast that morning and saved roomed the the days festivities.

My friend got a new car. It wasn't too long ago, like just a year ago that he got the SUV the he has had, the Ford Edge. Now he has Ford Focus 2016. When I found out he was switching from an SUV to a regular car I got little anxious,the idea of having to cramp inside a smaller vehicle  wasn't at all appealing. Ive had so many, bad, and awkward experiences with cars because of my weight throughout my life I couldn't help but envision something from the past repeating.  The new Focus was surprisingly roomy. Driving in cars with no discomfort, this isn't something I'm used to yet. I go in expecting a nightmare from yesteryear but I end pleasantly surprised (maybe they just make cars roomier).

Hair... This again. I think I'm going to cut it, and then grow it out again once I get to a weight when I can try that new hairdo I've been wanting to try. Which is, simply too far away, I'm willing to deal with the side effect if it revealing my never un-rounding face!

I was going to try to cram a lot into this post but I realize somethings need their own post, so more to come later in the week.

This week my current weight is 410.0, that's down from 417.2. I lost 7.2 pounds. This one blew me away, I was anticipating a gain I ate off track at the start of last week up until midweek really but I felt like I had pretty much dropped the ball all week and feared re-entry of the 420s, yet this is where I am at. My mom however was less surprised. More soon. Thanks for all that happy birthday.


  1. I think all the weight you've lost already makes a big difference with the car! I'm glad it was a better experience for you.

  2. Great loss and great on the nsv fitting better in the car. Proud of you Brandon.

  3. Way to go, Brandon!


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