Back At It Again... With The Weight Gain

Last Week started strong and quickly  turned into a steaming pile of something less-than-useful. I had therapy Wednesday and decided to visit Nick and Melissa whom convinced me to dog-sit for them while they went camping. I really was not into the idea, but for some I agreed, mostly because their dog Belle is typically such low maintenance. They were suppose to leave Friday but left a day early, which immediately bugged me as it was not discussed with me until hours before they were to depart. So they left Thursday.

Belle, which I've watched before a few months ago, kept using the bathroom in the house (their house) It was as if she completely had been  de-house-trained. I was incredibly frustrated by this as I quickly realized it wasn't the dogs fault, I easily see her sighs that she needs to go out. It's that her owners aren't taking her out enough and she's had so many "accidents" inside and it's becoming all to easy to pick up those familiar  scents and go potty right inside. I had so many hypothetical lectures with them in my head about how they're  dropping the ball with the dog, but by the time they returned Sunday I had went into to many hypothetical scenarios and worked myself in and out of so many anxiety episodes I was pretty much mentally exhausted. There was no lecture.

I noticed I ended up eating poorly my time over there, snacking on ships, eating more toaster pastries than usual, same with packaged peanut butter crackers, and once I noticed the sweets I indulged every-so-often. I think I was emotionally eating, I really didn't want to dog sit, plus I ended up missing my nephew on Friday (and of course he was asking about me 😢), Not a fan of cleaning up dog waste on the reg, and knowing my brother would be home the following week. There was no fast food, but really just over consumption.

When I stepped on the scale today I weighted 398.3 I'm up 1.9 pounds! Honestly this on me, I didn't do any of my exercises while over there, I could have but didn't. Of course I am not at all happy to see this gain I am already feeling that sinking anxiety coming as I prepare to subconsciously wage war with myself.

My exercise plan is to do the 2 mile multi-muscle walk everyday this week and maybe throw in the 3 mile randomly one day for a test run. Of course that's the plan, this isn't really a typical week, my brother is scheduled to come home tomorrow, I did find out that he won't be staying with us however, still that was little consolation. Tomorrow could turn out a number of catastrophic ways, or not.

Stay tuned.


  1. It was nice of you to watch Belle. I wouldn't worry too much about the gain, it is small. Sounds like they might not have had a lot of healthy choices available to you. Considering that, you could have done lots worse.

  2. Belle is a doll. I really don't like being so close to 400 still, I just want to be away from it at a safe distance, but yes they had a ton of horrible (though I'm sure delicious)options in their fridge and pantry and I steered clear of the worst of the worst. Still I wish I had practiced better self control perhaps.


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