Memorial Day Weigh-in

Well after a solid week of exercise and eating, it's time to see the results. Last time I stepped on the scale I weighted 398.3, this week I weigh 394.6 I lost 3.7lbs. Not bad, this is currently a new peak low. Times like this I really wish I had my own Planet Fitness gym membership, could likely really get results. Some family is having a barbecue/cookout today at my nephews moms parents house, so my 2 younger nephews and my brother and probably a bunch of people I don't know will be there. I originally didn't plan on going, but now I'm getting the feeling that my mother doesn't want to go alone so I've been reconsidering....

This week I'll cut out chip snacks, last week I was actually very good about not over indulging, I decided to put  some in  sandwich bags by serving size and have one a day. This week though I'm cutting them out. Think I'll make this week a reading week, see how far I can get in my book. I'm going to try looking in my closet for my MP3 player, it's a shot in the dark but really it's the last possibly place it could be, if it's not there I'll be putting off park walking for awhile. I'll just stick to the indoor miles.


  1. I like the new look of the blog Brandon, the colors are nice.

    Did you end up going to the bbq?

    Is there any way your mom could help you with the cost of a membership to Planet Fitness? In my area, they are very reasonable at just ten dollars a month but I live on a really tight budget so I know it can be very hard to come up with extra.

    1. Thank you, felt like changing it up.

      Planet fitness is quite cheap and Ive been considering asking my mom, maybe throwing out the Hulu subscription for this.

    2. Definitely ditch Hulu for this! Will get you out of the house and bring you closer to your goal.


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