Onward To Another Week

I'm nervous about this week, a number of reasons most of them odd. There's tomorrow's weigh-in, I need to do blood work, I need to make an MRI appointment (the same one from months ago I never made), there's that cookout I'm planning on skipping as well,  plus the mundaneness to my days that I'm just sick of looking forward to.

I exercised 5 days last week. I did the 2 mile multi-muscle indoor walk four days, and one day I bumped up to the 3 mile. The 3 mile which Is immediately more intense than the two mile, I wasn't sure if I'd finish it but I did. I got to a point though where I basically had blown out my shoulders, it was rather painful todo movements that involved going over my head, and lifting my arms at times was difficult. Once the countdown clock got  to 20mins  I became hit and miss and sluggish with certain arm activities. I still managed to get through the entire work out, but I was pretty much aching all over. I did that Thursday, the plan was to try it two days in a row but I decided against doing it again the next day, and go back to the 2 mile. Back to breaking on the weekend. (The two mile is 30 minutes, 3 mile is 45 minutes).

I think the difference between me doing these now and last year is that now I do them more effectively. Last year there were parts that I had to cut corners on, or parts where I just kept walking, or even stopped walking for a bit. I certainly didn't keep up with her like I can now, which is why I think I think it seems like I struggle so much. I keep thinking back to last year and wondering how I made it it to the four mile challenge, when a year later I still get my but kicked by the first two, not to mention three. I suppose what ever I was able to do at the time back then worked for that time? I'm not going to bother going up to that 4 mile challenge for the foreseeable future.

I'm going to attempt walking at the park this week if I can find my MP3 player, I've been searching for it for awhile and can't find it. Hope it wasn't left in the old car. I can't go walking in a public park without music, something has to distract me from my thoughts. Also I just move faster to music.


  1. Hope you found your MP3 player!

    1. I think I finally figured out what happened to it. I believe last year I let a friend of mine borrow it!


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