Life is interesting isn't it. Last week a post title had revival in the name, signaling at the very least that my spirits were elevated. It's so interesting how day to day my spirit can radically change, week to week month to month. Optimism is like a flickering light bulb not quite screwed in all the way so it's never going to stay all the way on, but every now and then it lights up for a few seconds longer than usual. Then it's back to the flickering. That's how it is for me anyways.

Psychiatry is fascinating, sometimes I imagine a world where I'm thin and I have taken up a career in this field, sometimes. Today I seen my psychiatrist, she increased my Prozac, I will now be at the highest dosage, I do feel like I've slightly dealt with depression overall better these past couple months, than prior. She also doesn't recommend I go back into the job market, she thinks I should continue focusing on the weightloss and also considering going into a group therapy in addition to my regular therapy. This is the first visit in a while that I wasn't recommended for voluntary hospitalization so there is that.

Today I also had therapy, among many things, we discussed change and  the 5 stages of change people can go  through, precomtemplation, contemplation, preparation/determination, action/willpower, maintenance. Perhaps in a later post I'll detail what each step means, but we determined I'm currently in step 4. It was an interesting session.

We also discussed me potentially joining that group therapy, briefly, my therapist was telling me a bit more about it, and how they work, and how, amongst many things, it's designed to help you accept things, like say your family's lack of interest in you, or their awful casino habits. I'm still not quite sure.


  1. Group could be a safe place to explore these issues (and I'm guessing that you might relate to some folks as well). I know it can be scary sharing what you experience with a bunch of other people, but I think it could be amazing for you!

  2. I also meant to offer a virtual 'high five' for making it to the "action/willpower" stage. That means you have come FAR!

    1. Thank you for the high five. I'm considering the group seriously, it makes me nervous but, I'm not going to rule it out


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