The Weigh-in 01/08/16: Up

Well the string had to come to an end. Now that I look at it, it was 8 consecutive weeks of straight loss, no yoyo-ing, no maintaining, just loss. That's over now, because I've gained, gained for the first time since May. Last week I weighed 374.8, this week I weigh 376.6. I gained 1.8lbs! There could be a few reasons for this, I had more red meat than usual last week, I also ate out twice, though I didn't go overboard, the logical theory is it's possible that since muscle weighs more than fat, that I gained muscle, my therapist even warned me that I should be wary of more fluctuating results, I was already aware. Yet I still can't help but feel like crap. A week where no progress has been made on the scale, I'm filled with quite s bit of anxiety.

The plan for the week, get to the gym a few times , try out that Cize workout, and pending how many days I go to the gym do my dumbbell workout. Also my friend likely won't be on board for my gym routine after all, which I'm okay with. A relative is visiting from out of town sometime this week, that can go any number of ways. I suppose once again I'll try to watch a movie and read, especially to distract from the the weight gain situation.



  1. I tried to comment yesterday, but my work computer keeps blocking my comments. Anyway, I wanted to say that the process of weight training tears your muscles down as you use them. It's the rest periods where they repair themselves that makes your muscles stronger and bigger. Part of that healing is water retention - the muscles are shocked and need some recovery time so they cling to water. Often that shows as a weight gain until the corresponding amount of fat has been lost. The building of muscles helps that happen. Basically this is normal and you are right on track.

    Still, it sucks to see that number go up. It will go back down. Truly.

  2. :) Yes, all I can do now is see what next week brings. If only I could just not obsess over the numbers so much.


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