Gym Day

Yesterday I went to the gym, it will likely be the only time I go to the gym this week, my mom has been making passive aggressive  comments about taking me and complaining about gas, so I just  decided I won't go the rest of the week. So I got my one days worth in yesterday, I was there for just over two hours, did my typical 45 minute treadmill walk to start things off before hitting up the chest press machine and leg extension machine several times. It was the first  Monday of the month, you know what that means!? Pizza day at Planet Fitness, that's right Planet Fitness orders pizza and your welcome to eat as much as you wish (no judgment zone remember)... What, in actual hell! How counter productive! I didn't partake, no one is being forced to eat the pizza but the very business practise genuinely rubs me the wrong  way (two years ago I would have been the guy eating 6 slices).  Anyways I did an additional 15 minute walk on the treadmill before closing the chapter on that day.

The rest of the week starting today it will be my at home workouts. The dumbbell workout likely everyday since I don't have the intensity or range of the machines from the gym. And giving Cize a try.


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