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Yesterday I went to the gym, I slightly altered my routine a bit. I did 60 minutes on the treadmill on a 1.5 incline and speed set to 2.5. This equaled out over 2 miles  total distance  which typically I don't pay attention to, the treadmill said I burned over 500 calories during that walk. My feet became rather irritated and sore towards the end of the walk though and  still are today. When I got to the machines I went up on the weight levels from to 10 to 25. While I was on the chest press machine there was this guy across from me on the weight bench, lifting, he was very physically fit and in shape, I did my first set on the chest press and moved on to the leg-extension machine before coming back to the chest press again for a final set. At one point while resting between reps the guy comes over to me and smiles, gives me a thumbs up and nods his head. It was sort of a cool, yet awkward moment. I felt simultaneously proud, encouraged, and self-conscious.

I spent the rest of my day mostly listening to music, that's been a nice escape lately. I've really been connecting with music again, last year it seemed as though the fuse went out. One of my favorite artists is Florence + The Machine I've been listening to her latest album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, daily. It's so good it made me go back and re-listen to her second album Ceremonials, which I had already been a fan of, but never really appreciated it in the right capacity until now. Third Eye is easily one of my favorite songs from HBHBHB, even though there is a part of me that wants to reject this song. It wants to reject the song because it feels the song is about me. Another standout track on the album would be St Jude, I tend to think of my situation with the family when this song comes on.

Yesterday eating got back to normal baked chicken,  steamed veggies, baked fries and garlic bread. I started reading one of those books yesterday, Waking Up. So far I'm 25 pages in and can't tell if I will get anything out of this. Perhaps I should've started Peace Is Every Step instead, I think someone in the comments once said they read that? Maybe not.


  1. Great job on the workout! Yeah interactions like with that guy are awkward, but I always think of how many people I would like to say good job to and I'm too shy. So there are probably many more that would like to give the awkward thumbs up :) You should be super proud of yourself!

    1. Thank you, yeah there's even been a few times I've seen people and wanted to say something to but haven't. Overall it felt like a victory I would say.

  2. I love that that did that, but I'm naturally a yapper and would have done the same thing.

    For your feet, try soaking them in Epsom salts and warm water. It helps with swelling and fatigue. I do it a lot and it's marvelous. Epsom salts are cheap, too. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, the swelling finally started subsiding by that night the second day. My feet are fine now. I might try different shoes next time I go.


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