The Dandelion Has My Smile

Ive decided to stop reading Waking Up afterall. It turns out that it wasn't really bring me closer to spirituality, just telling me how wrong all the religions have been in their teachings, and that's not what I was seeking. I have started reading Peace Is Every Step instead and have already taken a liking to it. Yesterday I did my dumbbell workout and though I still struggled and huff and puffed through it, it was 5% easier than the last time I did it.

I had therapy today, went well. I've decided to discuss something major with my therapist next session that I haven't even discussed here which will mark arguably the first time that a rather large sensitive subject as been discussed in therapy before I discussed it on the blog, but I'm finally ready to get it off my shoulders. Unfortunately I don't have therapy next week so it will have to wait a bit longer than usual.

I posted the above yesterday. I wore that outfit again recently around my friends and my friend Nick said that it looked like I lost 100lbs in a week, because he is so used to seeing me in the older shirts.


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