The reality is becoming more clear that I'm going to have to face moving forward without a gym because of the sneakiness of my gyms decision to take out an annual fee without notice, and the subsequent overdraft charges from my bank have put me in the red. Luckily I'm pretty resourceful and if someone told me the only way I could get to my goal from this point was with a gym membership, I'd have to prove them wrong.

I have my dumbells, I have my Leslie Sansone videos, I have my Cize dance workout I've yet to use, I can still go walking before the snow comes. There are countless things available on YouTube, I also have a slant bench that I never intended to use because it  seemed like it was meant for more athletic people like my brother, after all it used to be his. However after dusting it off over a month ago and offering it to my brother I've decided to trying making use of it. I can prop it up against the couch in my room to use it as a flat bench. Actually this will be great for a number of workouts. So that's a little exciting seeing where that can take me, I'm definitely going to give Cize a go sometime this coming week as well.

I went to the store yesterday with my mom, it was quite crowed, it didn't dawn on me until just now that it was Saturday (very busy day), I didn't find myself getting too overwhelmed but I do notice after a certain amount of time of standing I get a headache, I also sweat a ton. I don't know if these two things are linked, I think it might be an issue, I've noticed it every time I've gone to the store with my mom or with Nick and Melissa or even to the gym (I honestly think it may be realated to anxiety on a subconscious level? The sweating and subsequent headache). I seem to keep forgetting to mention this to my doctor. The bright side is I found, an alternative to the frozen steamable vegetables I always get which are a little pricey, but the store we go to has their own brand which are cheaper, so I'm going to give those a go once my current supply runs out.

I'm going to start working on my homework today, that's going to be interesting, I'm also going to try to watch Stranger Things or a movie, but I think there is a mental block stopping me from allowing myself from enjoying these, which is why I haven't continued watching that show since I seen the first episode a few months ago. I have to make doctors appointments and see doctors this week.

Last week I did my dumbbell workout 4/5 days the most yet, I'm thinking of retiring weekends off and making them either a light cardio day or just another dumbbell day. It depends on how I implement the Cize workouts into my weekly rotation. Stay tuned .


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