End This Week Already

So much has suddenly taken place this week. I found out that one of my nephews was being put in a negligent situation that could have had serious repercussions. It bothers, it saddens me it angers me, but the situation is being handled and he is no longer going to be put into these situations as custodial rights have changed hands, and won't be reset until someone both admits their selfish problem and gets help. Vague, and dramatic I know sadly that's as much as I can share as far as non-detail details go.

I learned a friend of mine this week has been really depressed and is really struggling with recently having turned 30 and not having figured everything out and worries of never having happiness, he has isolated himself pretty much and doesn't do too much interaction out of work. It was sort of like suddenly being splashed in the face with glass water, but there were some interesting parallels to my life and the way I've either gone about thinking or went about thinking. I still have anxiety about my age so it wasn't particularly great hearing this come from a friend of mine that has owned and sold a house before he was 30. We have a lot of the same fears despite the fact that in weight we are quite literally the complete opposite of each other. The good news is I've learned so much this year and I think I'm in the best place I could be to help, even as things keep piling on me perhaps I'm meant to be a guide.

I got oddly sad news this week, I found out that my next appointment with my nutritionist will be my last. Her husband got a job out of state and they were trying to wait for their home to sell here but no biters, so they are taking off and letting it stay on the market. That means she'll no longer be here, and honestly I just found all this out. I guess once they realized the house wasn't going to be getting a lot of offers right away they decided they should just go now. Worse is she didn't get time to fill her position so there won't be another nutritionist in town for some time. Ill save the bulk of my sadness for Tuesday.

Melissa and Nick convinced me to dog sit tomorrow. I didn't mention that besides Belle Of The Ball, Queen of them all. They got a new dog that I strongly advised them against getting (x amount of weeks ago), it's some... honestly I forget what breed it is, but it's there and I'm not particularly a fan. Last I was there I watched the little Anubis dog run across ceiling, head turn 360 degrees, and shoot hell-fire from is mouth! Or not, but I definitely seen it go potty on the carpet one too many times, even Belle, who c'mon has no room to judge was looking at her (yes the new dog is female, also named Korra) like she was truly a hellion.


  1. Do you get all attached to the dogs, though? I do for a day and then I'm ready to go home.

  2. Belle is my honorary dog, I always end up missing her, she has charm, but I do always end up itching to leave depending on how long I watch her. Now that their is this new dog in the equation that I'm not even fond of well, yeah, ugh, there isn't really any attachment to that thing.

    One can't not get attached to belle though


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