Returning To Regular Weigh-in Schedule

I had an appointment today addressing those headaches, turns out the doctor thinks I could have migraines and we are going to try a trial medication and see how that works out. Blood pressure was fine, if it turns out to be migraines I think it could be psychosomatic which would lead back to the possibility of maybe my social anxiety being the cause, perhaps effecting me on a deeper and hidden level. I'm just taking so much in, I'm sure none of this makes any sense, but it seems slightly logical to me. Perhaps something to discuss with my psychiatrist next time I see her. I think I may have dissociative coping skills in these situations, perhaps something to talk with my therapist about.

Today I'll be doing my dumbbell workout, I'm likely going to tryout the Cize routine midweek, my friend Nick sent me a message wanting to go the gym tomorrow on a whim, luckily he has the black card membership so he can take a guest. I agreed to go. So if this pans out I'll have a gym session in this week. Otherwise I'll likely do another day of my dumbbell workout or actually do a Leslie Sansone in-door cardio workout, it's been awhile so I wonder how I would do  attempting the 3 mile again which completely defeated me previously and I was forced to downsize back to the 2.

I weighed in today, I've ixnayed the bi-weekly weigh-in thing. As I mentioned in the previous post I did my dumbbell workout 4 out of 5 days last week.  My eating was also pretty stellar, though I loosened up a bit on the weekend. Last week I weighed 360.8, this week, I weigh 359.8. I lost 1lb. So the interesting thing is I weighed 355.something on the doctors scale. There are usually discrepancies, with their scale having me slightly higher, or sometimes it'll actually be right, but  sometimes just slightly less, but generally there are several days in between and an unusual set of factors. Even this case when I weighed in on my scale I had not eaten a thing yet, and by the time I got the the doctors I had breakfast and lunch and plenty of water, I was expecting it to be up. Anyways I always go by my scale and this is no exception, it's just odd, especially considering it's the actual day I weigh in. I didn't bother to re-check on my scale once getting home. Though, I made sure to tell my doctor that my home scale had me higher.

That's it for now, stay tuned.


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