The Week Goes Steady

There has been unexpected turbulence, some shocking revelations recently came to light threatening to completely overwhelm me (but hasn't). I must be vague for now, but a stealthily family operation is being staged soon to intervene. My anxiety gets high thinking of it,  but I also get very angry, and sad, and scared. More on a later date.

My friend did in fact keep his word and we made it to the gym Tuesday, after taking several weeks off from my routine I was humbled, luckily my friend refused to do the 60mins I had previously come accustomed to so I agreed to do 45. It beat me down. 10 mins in I thought what in the world is this!? Typically I don't start feeling like diving off until I'm 30mins in, it's amazing what breaking routine can do. Also I didn't have music which honestly made things a trillion times worse. Me and my buddy started discussing how we were getting our buts kicked, and we ended it 5 mins early (wimps, I know), no additional machines for us.

Over the weekend I hit 100 followers on Instagram, nice little milestone that feels pretty cool.

I forgot to post the above #FaceToFace Friday here


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