Weightloss Reality Check

A little Pick me up. This does feel like a transformation.


  1. That is more than a small transformation, wow, I hope you can see it when it's laid out like that. Very inspiring.

    1. Thank You very much, I cant denie Ive gone through quite the physical change, one that is still ongoing. Now I need to change my mind up, change my thinking. Or rather, transform that as well, this may turn out to be the harder task

  2. Thank you for reminding me that ransformation is a process, and when we are the ones who are transforming, sometimes we don't notice how far we've come.

    You have also inspired me to bring exercise back into my life (this is the third week for me)-- I keep thinking that I am so weak and getting down on myself for not being fit or as fit as others-- you remind me that I should only compare myself to myself, consistency is what is most important to transformation.

    1. You are certainly welcome! I am truly humbled and honored to be the inspiration behind your renewed interest in fitness I cant begin to tell you how much that means to be.

      I have had that same issue of comparing myself with others (as you've probably read, while at times it can discouraged me it never takes me out. It really is like you said "I should only compare myself to myself" I'm only just now getting to understand this, but its so powerful. Keep at at. :)


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