I binged!

Ive been in sinking state, my mood is questionable, I'm feeling super unmotivated I haven't been exercising regularly I haven't been sharp with my eating, I certainly haven't been disciplined. Im a mess. today I ate 12 cookies, worth about 600 calories total and  never mind the rest of the nutrition facts! I don't bother to investigate. I knew what I was doing, I binged, I just decided oh well, fully knowing after the last cookie I would regret it. Ive gotten weaker, and now and I'm most certainly going to end up paying the price for this on the scale come weigh-in on the 1st.

I don't know whats going on, Im just not motivated. I keep pushing my exercises back later and later in the day until I decided meh, no exercises that day, and my eating has been... not great.I'm unmotivated and uninspired and this is just bad. Typically I would have gotten myself out of this by now, blindly, automatically almost, but I have gotten worse, I binged! Its only a matter of time before this takes its mental toll, its the calm before the storm right now. Ughhhhhhhhhh


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