48hr Fast: The plan

So I'm going on a 48 hour fast to offset the damage I did the past couple days, it started at midnight. Its going to be incredibly hard because I find myself wanting to eat even if I'm not hungry. Sometimes Ill remember the flavor of something and immediately start craving it. If I can survive this 48 hour fast I will have regained complete and total self control and I know moving forward Ill be able to go through with my plans.

The plan is to do this 48 hour fast, actually its between 40 and 48, but Ill likely go the full 48. this will allow my body to burn a great deal of the crap food I have and produce minimum fat gain. Then from that point on its back to business, I'm lowering my calories down once again to 1,200 for the remaining 3 weeks of the  5 week program I started. 3 Meals  a day, working out, avoid triggering situations, integrate more with the weight loss community at large, write up a newly updated version of future-self/Ideal me, and that's that.


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