Its been an interesting time since I  last blogged, I think I need to do it more, but truly I was burnt out. Honestly I was just tired of focusing so much on my weight loss and I just didn't feel like writing. I do a plan on changing focus a bit, I'm going to start writing about various things in my life and in general, and these things wont necessarily have to do with weight loss.

So how have I been? For the most part, good. I just recently had a short bout of the blues, but I'm working towards keeping my mind from negative cycles. Blogging obviously is one of the methods. I'm going to start watching Extreme Weight Loss again, I stopped a while back when I learned what really goes on behind the scenes, it was also distorting my own weight loss aspirations. Now though, I'm just going to use it as inspiration, seeing the bodies transform should give me something to continue to work towards because lately I've been asking myself if I want to keep doing this, if I want to keep trying to lose weight. In the end I want to be transformed, I want to no longer be overweight  this is what I want and am working for, but I've been losing motivation, and I really don't have any inspiration. So I'm seeking it out.

I started a self-created  5-week program about a week ago. I've reduced my calorie intake, drinking 170oz of water and working out twice a day (pending if I go to the gym). Lately I've only been doing the one home workout because my gym partner has cancelled at the last minute several days in a row. The goal in the end is to reach a all new peak low and be closer to exiting the 300s.

Right now my peak low is 329, but what I believe is water retention has me at 332, I made some poor eating decisions the last two days and I didn't have my water intake right. I'm going to exercise extreme self control, as impulse eating and sugar cravings have been a nail in my side. No more prolonging the journey, its going to be hard, but I must have the willpower to resist.

I have been pretty active on my Instagram, though I'm going to cut back on how much time I spend using it as it has caused similar mental health spirals like Facebook used to. Here are some posts incase you don't follow me over there.

#throwbackthursday I look at some old pictures and can immediately remember my state of mind at the time I took them. Sometimes its a bit too much to relive. This is from early 2015 when I had to get my state ID renewed. So early in to the journey that it didn't feel like a journey at all. Anyways, I'm proud of that guy, he was able to move ahead and keep going while battling the worst depression of his life. #bestrong #getfit #weightloss #challengeyourself #improvingmyself #staystrong #dedication #determination #results #weightlosshelp #weightlosscommunity #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #losingweight #bodytransformation #Brandonwholivesathome #main_vision #Photooftheday #vscocam #gettinghealthy #healthychoices #healthandfitness #motivation #losingfat #instahealth #consistency #tbt
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  1. Yay! Welcome back, you've been missed!

    1. Aww thank you, I feel the love :)


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