A Meh Week Already

I'm back on track, I'm blogging, I'm tracking, I'm cutting back, all these thing are needed to aid me for a better journey. This journey has been one roller coaster after another. I just want to be thin and want life to begin already, but for now let's move on. Due to confusing circumstances with my insurance Ive been out of my ADHD medication  since last Thursday and they won't renew it until next month, not only that but the dosage is suppose to be increased, it's going to be a less than stellar week for productivity. I was suppose to see my psychiatrist this week but it got bumped to next Tuesday.

Over the weekend I went camping, tomorrow I'm going to make a post about it with pictures. Yesterday I was just below 2,000 calories.


  1. It's great that you're back on track. Wish I was, I'm all over the place.
    Camping is not my kind of thing (maybe glamping - glamour camping with all the luxuries), I need a real bed! I'd love to see the pictures and hear how it went.

    1. I know how that can be Natalie!

      It want exactly in a tent lol... I had a bed, a fan, my ipad, i certainly had luxuries Id say lol

  2. No reason to wait until you're thin for life to begin! Are there things you could do now to prepare for the life you want?

    It might turn out that weight loss is only one piece of the puzzle.


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