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The week seems to have just glided by, it's almost over. I've been sleeping well, this morning however I woke-up feeling kind of out of it. A recent comment mentioned going down in shirt sizes, that's interesting because my therapist has been saying I should do this for weeks, new clothes, it's a touchy subject. I'm not quite sure there is enough of a difference to warrant me getting new lower sizes. As I told my therapist (whom thought I was being ridiculous) I've laid in these shirts in so many different ways and contorted them that it's really no telling if weight loss has anything to with this appearance. So I really don't want to go down lower in sizes and be disappointed, and then wouldn't going down in size make me look bigger anyways? I know the logic in that last bit is odd, but it just came to me, I can't rationalize it, but it seems valid as if this sentence.

Mentally I'm mostly stable, however that picture of me by the camper is really doing a number. I'm really trying to execute all the techniques I've learned from therapy and just from myself in the last few months to not allow it to consume me and become another haze trigger where I'm stuck in a dark cloud of  uncertain depression for weeks. I think I got this under control though.

I had a baked potato the yesterdayday, it's not a big deal, but I suppose it's been a while since I've had my potato in a none fried, mashed, or chipped form. It was great. I had chicken baked potato and a salad for dinner, it somehow seemed refreshing, if that makes sense.


  1. Brandon, clothes that fit properly make you look thinner, not bigger. Sean Anderson, whose blog I think you've read a bit, had the same mental block about it you do when he was losing. Everyone told him to go down a few sizes but he felt safer, more covered up and hidden I guess, in a baggy T-shirt with a button shirt over the top. But when he saw photos in a shirt that was actually his size, he realised how much better he looked.

    That being said, whatever makes you feel more comfortable! And don't go down too many sizes, you don't want something figure-hugging. It needs to "skim the curves" not outline every bulge. Believe me, I know! And if money is tight, you can wait a bit longer. But when you do try some things on, I think you'll be surprised how much difference it can make.

  2. I agree with Natalie. A proper fitting shirt would make you look smaller. If you don't want to invest a lot as you lose, check out a Goodwill store. You can find very nice stuff there in every size. I've seen things in there that still have the tags on.

    You could also just try Walmart for basics like tees.


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