Drowsy Day

It's been an unproductive day full of naps. There's been no point throughout the day that I didn't feel like I could fall to sleep for hours upon end. I'm I'm not complaining, I don't even think I'll have a problem sleeping tonight as this drowsy spell is still cast over me.

Last night I had a bit of a weight related breakdown, picturegate striked again. Not the picture of me by the camper from the camping trip, but a different photo from the trip. One of me by the lake, it was just awful, I could not bare my own sight and just had a complete breakdown. Luckily it didn't last long, and as of right now this moment, I'm over it. I suppose this is why several months ago I changed my profile picture on Facebook to the one below, and it's remain that to this day.

Summer is coming to a close, a breeze crept through my bedroom window the other day and I could have sworn it was the chill of winter. I coped with summers heat this year better than I have... honestly can't recall a time I've coped better, my therapist things this might be linked to weight loss, I on the other hand am not sure what the contributor is, but I don't think it is that.

Had fish and fries for dinner last night, it was quite boring but got the job done. 


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