The Camping Trip

Several months ago, when I was walking at the park regularly with my buddy Nick, I was invited to go camping with him and his girlfriend (and my mutual friend) Melissa, and reluctantly agreed. The idea of camping had never been something that appealed very much to me, nature and weather, a one two punch of discomfort, but I agreed to go. A week ago when my buddy made a surprise follow-up asking me to go during that upcoming weekend I agreed, although, reluctantly ( I'm supposed to be trying new things this year remember?). I told myself this could be a fun experience despite the the the mild anxiety telling me this could be horrible; Plus I've never had a true s'mores before and I could finally experience that.

I only went camping one day, thought my friends were there multiple days, as the week went on I actually built up quite a bit of anticipation, I can truly say I hit  a point where I was was excited to go, but that would have to wait until Saturday. On Friday I was invited a day earlier, the thought filled me with anxiety, isn't that weird, Id  been excited for it all week, and could suddenly go a day early, and then boom, wall of anxiety. I had to decline. I was too set in the following day, there were too many what ifs. What if I didn't like it and I'm there a day early?

Saturday, by noon my friends arrived to pick me up, I was ready, I decided earlier in the week that I'd make this my first shooting event of the year and took my camera, my main camera. We made our way to the camp grounds and it was a beaut' we were right by the lake, they had a camper, so I guess I was a bit spoiled my first camping trip cause this means I got to slip in a mini trailer on nmy own bed, no tents! The view, did I mention the view.

The trees were so tall and narrow, and I just loved looking up, the weather was absolutely perfect. Initially I was alarmed to discover the lawn chairs we'd be relaxing on as I haven't sat in one of those in decades,, but to my surprise I was able to sit in the one they brought comfortably, and there were no issues.

There's the humble little camper, I slept on the left, side, quite comfortably too I must say. All campers with a mobile camper had their own hanging lights, its a  type of festive signature I guess. Theirs were frogs.

Ah yes the fire pit, I loved sitting back and watching the fire, there is something about burning wood. Then there was s'mores! It was so much fun, I burnt my marshmallows pretty good, and you know what? They still tasted delicious! I had two in total, yummy! At the bottom we are making campfire pizza, bread, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and I loved it, I had two of those as well to close off the nights eating.

More shots of the lake, very peaceful.

My friend Melissa  caught the first fish (of few) of the day. My buddy Nick was able to get luck after stealing her spot, I watched but didn't partake

Here is Melissa fixing a really good grilled chicken lunch on a mobile grill.

Here's my buddy Nick relaxing at the campsite.

And ugh.... There's me............................ I find that I can't look at a full body picture of myself too long or it starts to deeply upset me, so moving on! 

And that's pretty much my camping trip, I went to bed around 10. The following morning was a bit rough because Melissa had to be rushed to the hospital at 6am, I stayed back in bed. Luckily she was fine, and is fine. By the time they got back it was time to pack up and head it home. It was very nice, and I genuinely enjoyed myself.

Bonus shots 


  1. What a beautiful spot! And no tents, even better lol. I think that picture of you shows that you need to go down a couple of shirt sizes, it is hanging on you! You have lost more weight than you realise.

  2. What a lovely post! It looks like you had a nice time with nice friends. You tried something new and it was a success. That looks like life, my friend.

  3. As expected: *amazing* photographs! Sounds like you had some fun (and your photos even make me want to go camping like that). I agree with Natalie-- the weight loss is noticeable. If it's too much for you to look at now, I encourage you to save this pic, along with the pics from last year, and maybe look at them at a later date (in therapy? extra emotional support might help). Keep on moving forward!!

  4. The only way to eat smore's is with the marshmallows burnt! Growing up we didn't go camping so we made smore's over the stove top.

  5. This looks so fun - I'm jealous! I suffer from anxiety as well, and getting out into nature can really help me sometimes. You should see if your friends are willing to go next time you're all free and the weather is decent. You'll probably enjoy it even more now that you know what to expect going in.

    Andrea Wilkins @ Get Away Outdoors


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