Decompress Weekend

I'm mostly out of the funk I've been in the past few days. There are some things I just have to accept, the familys lack of caring  isn't really a new thing. They do just so much as to keep me from jumping of the cliff, but not so much as to get me to walk away from the edge of said cliff. This is part of the reason I'm losing the weight though, so that future-self/ideal me can surround himself with people that actually give a care. Moving on.

Only worked out only once the entire week, Monday, and my eating has been a bit iffy, I'm pretty sure Im getting my minimum calories in, I'm not sure if I'm doing so great with water, and when I don't do great with drinking water, my body punishes me by... holding on to it which might make for a upsetting weigh-in but I think I'm solid, I had a less than stellar day a few days back but have mostly rebounded.

The plan this weekend is to watch movies and try to decompress from the stress, that is all.


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