The Weigh-in 7/4/16

Today I finally stepped back on the scale after skipping last week. The last time I weighed in I was 385.6, I am now 380.8 I lost 4.8lbs. Almost in the 70's. No real plans for today, I'm going to mostly be researching dumbbell workouts, it's a rainy day so it's indoor workout for sure. I'm a little interested in that Cize dance workout (I don't know if I mentioned that before), it just looks fun. For now I'll be sticking to my Leslie Sansone videos, I might go straight in for the 3mile today, we'll see.


  1. Your weight loss is awesome! Keeps going down and down.

    1. Thanks. That's the goal, but if only I could get, like, double digit figures...

  2. Brandon, just saw a commercial for PF. They are having a promotion to get people to join. Only $1.00 down, then $10.00 monthly. Hope this helps.

    1. It does! I'm going up there tomorrow to sign up, the only iffy thing is I don't have a checking account which they require, so, I'll have to how that goes, but yes thank you for the heads up!

      Two thumbs up


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