Weight Loss Surgery

My mother informed me recently that my aunt has decided to get weight loss surgery. She'd apparently mentioned a few times throughout the year, but now it's really happening. She's now talking with doctors and it seems all that is left is scheduling a date. My mom told me if all goes well my aunts, she might just have it done herself. This was quite the information to digest, for many reasons. I'm not really sure how to process it, it's probably best my feelings about the matter remain in limbo.

Tomorrow is Independence Day, a.k.a, the 4th July. No plans for grilling or going to see fireworks for me (maybe I'll add a little barbecue sauce to my baked chicken). Tomorrow is also weigh-in, it will be interesting to see how that goes. I did buy a 10lb dumbbell the other day so I'll be looking into ways to implement that into my workouts, or just find a specific dumbbell workout. I have a dentist appointment Tuesday.


  1. I think that's great that your Aunt is doing what she needs to do for her health and that your mom might follow suit. This will only mean good things in your house, lots of protein and other healthy foods.

    I lost my weight without surgery but really wanted to have it. I think I would have lost quicker and maybe maintenance would be easier. I was just a big chicken though and also have no insurance.

    Tell your mom to look into the sleeve surgery. It's just as effective as the RNY but doesn't cause malabsorption issues. No dumping syndrome issues either I don't think. It also removes the part of the stomach that affects our hunger hormones, Grehlin and Leptin.

    There's also a new procedure coming out that was just approved by the FDA but can't remember it's name.

    Hope you're having a nice 4th! It's raining here and I'm feeling under the weather so just catching up on blogs. Eat something yummy today, it's a special day.

    1. Well, as long as my aunt isn't going into this with a naive mindset then there isn't too much for me too feel, but I fear maybe she's looking for a quick fix and isnt aware of the work that these surgeries require post-operation.

      Only time will tell I'm not making further inquiries unless my mother takes further interest in wanting to get it herself.

      It's certainly not for me.


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