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Well I never did go up to planet fitness. I was going to go after therapy yesterday, but they require you to have a checking account to start a membership and  I don't have one. I didn't think this would be an issue as I would just use my moms, but she didn't want me to use hers, she didn't want it tied to the account for whatever reason.  She changed her mind at the last minute, but I just said forget, I was pretty (internally) upset that she was putting up such a fight. Plus she made a comment about how far away planet fitness was and how we'd have to drive there every day (which again, just seemed like she was putting up a fight). I was over it, I just calmly said never mind. I spent the rest of my day in bed skipping lunch and dinner, often thinking how how those other "siblings" of mine wouldn't have had this issue had they been in the same situation.

It's like no one in my personal life realizes how serious this weightloss journey thing is to me except  my therapist and my doctors. Seems more people are genuinely interested in my journey and its success that read this blog, and have never actually met me which is both comforting and saddening. I  heard my mom on the phone late last night  with one of my brothers and I heard her say "I'm so proud of you" I have no idea what for, but I suddenly tried recalling if she's said the like to me since I've been losing weight and drew blanks. Granted all I'm doing is losing weight, it doesn't warrant one such recognition I guess.

I haven't been motivated to workout the past few days, and probably won't today. I have eaten lunch and dinner today though. My nephews dropped by for a visit throwing a wrench in my plans to literally stay in bed, they did cheer me up a bit, but I still feel quite discouraged.

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  1. Your mom was probably worried that the monthly amount would increase after the year was up. Sometimes it can be hard to discontinue an automatic payment as well so maybe that was a concern.

    Walmart used to have a checking acct that anyone could set up. It was called something like green dot. I had a friend that opened one and all she had to do was provide some i.d. and pay a really small one time fee. Might be worth checking into. The offer at PF goes until the 14th I think but they will offer it again.

    Would there be any public transportation you could take if your mom isn't able to drive you? This might be good motivation to work towards getting your license!

  2. Just for the record... I'm extremely proud of you, and your stick-to-it journey. As a person who is overweight myself, I have never been able to stay the course as long as you have so far, and your results show it. And I can see, though you would never admit it (LOL) that you are getting more and more comfortable being in public, going to stores, etc, just in the time I have been following this blog. You are very inspiring.

    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate that a lot. I'm glad that I can still inspire, which was the original intent of this blog, even though it has segwayed quite a bit.

      That was a wonderful thing to read :)


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