Sudden Plot Twist

Today was rather uneventful, I find myself taking long naps lately during the afternoon then finding it hard get to sleep at night. I'm thinking its a depression thing, I've been pretty good about filtering things out as far as that topic goes here so I'll move along. I didn't too much enjoy my Independence Day, didn't do anything out of the ordinary, it was just another lonely holiday for me. I tried to get to bed earlier, but literally a neighbor right next door chose 11'oclock at night to really release the kraken of fireworks , just when I thought it was over... no, it just went on, and on, and on. It sounded like a war zone just out my window. So that happened...


Thanks to the watchful eye of a commenter, tomorrow I'll be taking a trip up to Planet Fitness and if all goes well will be a new member, they are having a promotion going on where you only have to pay a dollar  down (5 something after whatever that fee is, not tax) , but yeah the timing is great so we will see how that goes. Stay tuned.


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