The Weigh-in 8/17/16

last week seen the debut of the dumbbell workout. I didn't follow as closely to my mostly white meat diet as usual, it's a non-issue in the grand scheme of things. Last week I weighed 373.0, this week I weigh 370.6. I lost 2.4lbs. I didn't expect to lose this week as I said in a previous post, I expected a small muscle/water related gain, but this is a nice surprise.

I've already been to the gym today and done my usual routines, it was more crowded than usual, in fact, the machine area and weight bench area was extreme crowded, I've never seen so many people there at once. The people weren't as physically diverse as usual either, they were either very fit, or undeniably skinny. I questioned if I would keep coming would If it were like this or worse all the time, I've never even been there during peak hours.

A lot of other things were popping through my head from time to time when the songs on my iPod weren't enough to distract me. I later singled myself out as the largest person in the gym after making my way to the chest press machine, which was not the greatest realization and there is something really strange realizing you are the only persons at a gym actually trying to lose weight and not just get fit or ripped. The place seemed to get more diverse as I was about to leave but the damage was really done by then.

I've been in a weird place the last couple days, I got really sad yesterday thinking of my journey how how much further I have to go, how big my stomach and chest still are, and thinking about those people on Instagram who have completed their journeys and seem to have no stretch marks, or seem to have had an ideal peak weight. So odd how transformations seem to have a negative effect on me.

The agenda for the week is to go to the gym 3 days this week every other day, and do my dumbbell workout on the between-days. I feel like I'm in for an emotional rough week already so I better try to find things to keep my mind occupied.

I actually wore my planet fitness shirt to planet fitness today.


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