Don't Have To Be A Ghost Here Amongst The Living

Today is a new day, a lot of sudden curve balls were thrown at me yesterday evening that typically would have me feeling like my rare moment of optimism was for nothing, but I've decided not to take it that way, and continue on the steady path, the very long sometimes depressing steady path. Not let these other obstacles derail me or send me into and emotional state  that leads to setbacks.

My mom was recently diagnosed with a kidney stone, due to its size and location it will have to be removed via surgery. The operation has been scheduled for October 5th, the whole thing makes me rather nervous but she seems rather fine about it so I'm not going to over think it. She'll be out of the hospital the very next day.

I've decided to finally go see my dad today and see how he's doing, I reckon it's going to be a rather awkward experience but I'll at least feel a bit better knowing I checked up on him. Stay tuned.


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