Yesterday I finally made my way to see my father at my late grandmothers house. When I arrived there was some kind of bookcase on the front porch which immediately struck me as odd. I knocked on the door for a bit and then someone shouted to me from the street, what do you need, who are you? It was my great-aunt Caroline who apparently could not recognize me at all since the last time I seen her, last year. Once I told her I was looking for my I dad everything came back to her and she told me to come over to her, she just happened to be driving by as I was knocking.

Seems my dad is now living in an assisted-living home, and the past year stay at grandmothers house he wasn't doing very well, even believed to have been on drugs up until he decided he no longer wanted to stay in the house. This change happened just a few months ago, apparently it was the best thing for him because she says before he wasn't taking his medications  properly, skipping dosages or days completely, he just didn't deal with grandmother passing. Since he has been at this assisted living place he has done seeming a 180 I'm told. His medications are being taken properly he is eating right, even gained weight which is actually a good thing, he is socializing, he is in a all around better place. I plan to go see him at the assisted-living place next week.

That was a lot to take in, essentially last year when she asked me to move in with him, that was far more serious than I originally realized, and even then that was a lot to ask for. In the midst of all this information I learned that she's attempting to sell my grandmothers house since my father won't be living in it which makes me rather sad, they've already cleared out several floors, which perhaps explains that random bookcase. The house will probably stay on the market for awhile, my aunt through up the idea that maybe my dad could live in it again if he decides someday in the future that he can live independently again, and the house isn't sold yet.


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