Tonight I'm Going To Bury That Horse In The Ground

First things first, it's Monday, which means it's weigh-in day. If you kept up with last week you know that there wasn't any exercise, and unfortunately I took what felt like leaps backwards in my mental and emotional state of being. My eating stayed solid for the most part, I didn't binge, I did  skip some meals do to the intensity of therapy one day, and even after that day I found that eating enough was rather iffy, but I was certainly staying hydrated because  I've learned when I skimp on both areas (eating and drinking) I typically gain weight because my body desperately holds on to what water it has (it doesn't help that I retain water rather easily to begin with). So last week I weighed 368.6, this week I weigh 365.2. I lost 3.2lbs. I didn't know what to expect this week, but three is a bit surprising, I wonder if this has something todo with the potential  new muscle.

I seen my aunt over the the week for the first time since her procedure, she got the gastric bypass surgery as I mentioned before, she's been in  town several times but this was the first time I've actually seen her. She looked fantastic, you could really see she had lost a lot of weight everywhere, she had so much more facial definition (I keep an eye out for that as it is a problem area for me). I was really happy for her and glad to hear she was doing everything she was supposed to be doing, because the first few weeks after surgery she kept rolling the dice and quickly learned the very hard way that, that game simply can't be played anymore. Anyways she said she was really proud of me for sticking to my journey and and having the patience and determination to stick with it because not a lot of people can do that (mind you I never mention my weight loss... ever, so she brought this up). She later told me very casually how she's always bragging about to her friends and doctors about how much weight I've lost. I was taken aback. You talk about me and my weightloss to people? I asked. She looked at me like I was ridiculous, Of course I tell everyone how proud I am of my nephew, not many people can do what you've done. She replied. I almost had a moment.

Then my mom mentions that she even brags about me in this online bingo game she plays and the people have even told her to  tell me keep up the great work, but she hasn't cause she thought I wouldn't  like that she was talking about me. This is obviously a big deal, how many times have I written that I felt like none of the family cares, or that this journey is not even being acknowledged. Apparently it is. I've been dragging that horse around for awhile, I'm finally going to move on.

Myfitnesspal gave me this little milestone image thing today, it's kinda cool.


  1. Probably I have PMS but your family makes me tear up. Well, reading about how proud they are does. That's such sweet news. I'm so glad you are opening up and that they are too. You've done such an amazing job, Brandon.

    1. Thank you, and yes I almost went into "water works" myself that day.


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